Latest Trends (August, 2020)

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Overview: In August 2020 China exported $180B and imported $153B, resulting in a positive trade balance of $27.2B. Between August 2019 and August 2020 the exports of China have decreased by $-8.32B (-4.41%) from $189B to $180B, while imports decreased by $-21.5B (-12.3%) from $175B to $153B.

Trade: In August 2020 the top exports of China were Telephones ($12.3B), Computers ($9.26B), Integrated Circuits ($5.09B), Other Cloth Articles ($4.7B), and Models and Stuffed Animals ($3.3B). In August 2020 the top imports of China were Integrated Circuits ($27.1B), Crude Petroleum ($13.9B), Iron Ore ($9.07B), Cars ($3.93B), and Soybeans ($3.29B).

Origins: In August 2020 the exports of China were mainly from Guangdong Province ($45.3B), Jiangsu Province ($31.1B), Zhejiang Province ($28.2B), Shandong Province ($12.3B), and Shanghai Province ($10.8B), while imports destinations were mainly Guangdong Province ($31.4B), Shanghai Province ($23.2B), Beijing ($22.8B), Jiangsu Province ($20.2B), and Shandong Province ($9.53B).

Destinations: In August 2020 China exported mostly to United States ($37.5B), Japan ($10.8B), Vietnam ($9.51B), Germany ($7.55B), and Netherlands ($6.78B), and imported mostly from Taiwan ($16.6B), Japan ($12.9B), South Korea ($12.5B), China ($10.1B), and Germany ($8B).

Growth: In August 2020, the decrease in China's year-by-year exports was explained primarily by an decrease in exports to South Korea ($-2.95B or -35.1%), Brazil ($-1.36B or -46.2%), and Mexico ($-1.24B or -28.3%), and product exports decrease in Refined Petroleum ($-906M or -44.2%), Trunks and Cases ($-749M or -35.3%), and Knit Sweaters ($-628M or -25.6%). In August 2020, the decrease in China's year-by-year imports was explained primarily by an decrease in imports from Australia ($-3.97B or -33.4%), United States ($-3.78B or -36.5%), and Saudi Arabia ($-1.79B or -40.8%), and product imports decrease in Crude Petroleum ($-5.28B or -27.6%), Gold ($-1.63B or -45.3%), and Iron Ore ($-1.56B or -14.7%).


EXPORT GROWTH (August 2019 - August 2020): $-8.32B, (-4.41%)

IMPORT GROWTH (August 2019 - August 2020): $-21.5B, (-12.3%)

MAIN EXPORTER (August 2020): Guangdong Province, $45.3B

MAIN DESTINATION (August 2020): United States, $37.5B

This section shows exports and imports data at subnational level for China. Click any date in the line plot, any subnational region in the geomap, or any product, destination or origin country to explore the exports or imports behavior of China over time.

Comparison in Time

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Reference Period

This section shows the differences between China's total subnational aggregate trade throughout time. To explore different subnational trade comparisons in time, visit China's subnational profiles.

Explore China's Subnational Data

China Exports Services (2018): $209B

China Imports Services (2018): $523B

In 2018, China exported $209B worth of services. The top services exported by China in 2018 were N/A.

The top services imported by China in 2018 were Travel ($277B), Transportation ($109B), Other business services ($47B), Royalties and license fees ($35.8B), and Computer and information services ($23.5B).

Tariffs by Product

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The top product import tariffs by their MFN Ad Valorem value for China are Vermouth and other flavoured grape wines - pack < 2l (65%) and Vermouth and other flavoured grape wines - pack > 2l (65%).

Click any of the products in the bar chart to see the specific Ad Valorem Duty Rates by partner country.

Explore Tariff Data

*The tariffs applied to imports for China are:
84: Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN ) Free Trade Area
112: China Preferential tariff for Least Developed Countries
125: General duty rate
136: Most Favoured Nation duty rate treatement
158: Preferential tariff for 3 selected LDCs Countries: Myanmar, Benin and Timor Leste
165: Preferential tariff for Australia
168: Preferential tariff for Bangladesh
176: Preferential tariff for Cambodia
182: Preferential tariff for Chile
188: Preferential tariff for Chinese Taipei
192: Preferential tariff for Costa Rica
226: Preferential tariff for Georgia
235: Preferential tariff for Hong Kong
238: Preferential tariff for Iceland
249: Preferential tariff for Korea, Republic of
252: Preferential tariff for Lao PDR
261: Preferential tariff for Macau
275: Preferential tariff for Myanmar
277: Preferential tariff for New Zealand
284: Preferential tariff for Pakistan
289: Preferential tariff for Peru
299: Preferential tariff for Singapore
307: Preferential tariff for Switzerland and Liechtenstein
343: Preferential trade agreement (APTA) Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement or (Previously named:Bangkok Agreement)
372: Special Preferential tariff (SP) for 2 Asia Pacific Countries